Professionally Installed Awning Windows London, Ontario

Awning Windows usually installed above another window as a secondary window or above a doorway to increase air flow and lighting. Awning windows are usually hung horizontally, with a hinge at the top and a handle on the bottom so you can easily open this window for better ventilation. Awning windows are great for not obstructing views. Our Company in London, Ontario offers a giant selection of awning windows all made with top quality materials. You of course get a great warranty when installed by our expert window installation team. A proper window installation can and will save you a ton of money, just think of how much money slips out of your house because your current windows are not sealed properly. Call us now or use our free no obligation online quote form at the bottom of the page. Awning Large Paned Glass

Benefits of Awning Windows

  • Fresh air can circulate your home with ease and at your discretion
  • Generally speaking awning windows can be installed alone, side by side, or of course they can be stacked above another window
  • The crank handle give you complete control of opening and closing with very little effort
  • Cleaning is made easy with its 90° angle when its opened
Northstar Awning Window Professionally Installed