Bay and Bow Window Company London, Ontario

Are you ready for a new window for you home? Not sure which type of window but you want something that can make a great impression? We are window experts in London , Ontario and can help you choose the right window for your style and budget! A Bay or Bow window is the epitome of luxury and class. The immense size, arched shapes and the capacity to let in massive amounts of light is why a lot of people dream of being able to look out at the world through a Bay or Bow window. Both of these types of windows can be installed in a variety of different styles, and can bring a brilliant elegance to your home. There are important design differences between the Bay and Bow windows that you should be aware of before choosing.

Reputable Realtors suggest that a professionally installed bay or bow window can really add value to your home. Getting a professionally installed Bay or Bow window is an investment that every homeowner should have done a long time ago!

What is a Bay Window?

  • Bay windows often are made up of three windows which can vary in sizes, typically there is a larger middle window surrounded by two smaller windows; these two side windows can also be called flankers. The advantage of the big middle window is that it allows you to have a large unobstructed view and the flankers can create a appealing depth to your house and rooms.
  • Bay windows originated from Victorian architecture therefore Bay windows usually look best in homes that were built during this era. However, we offer a variety of bay windows that will look great in any type of house.
Bay Window

What is a Bow Window?

  • Bow windows are usually comprised of 3 to 6 individual windows that are all the same size and shape which allows for a more gradual curved appearance.
  • There are usually 3 types of windows within a bow window design. These include Casement Windows, Double Hung Windows, or Single Hung Windows.
Bow Window