Energy Efficient Garage Doors London Ontario

Do you have a garage door that’s on its way out? Do you have cracking or drooping garage door ready to fall? Is it too cold to even go into your garage without your winter gear on? Get one of our fabulous garage doors installed professionally in London, Ontario and have the peace of mind that it was done right. We’ve been in business for over 17 years in the London area proudly serving our clients. Give us a call today or Contact Us for your free no obligation garage door quote in London Ontario. You’ll be glad you did! elegant wooden clopay garage door

Choosing the Right Type of Door

When selecting the perfect garage door for your home, you must first decided what type of door. We can help you decide which kind of garage door will best suit your needs. Our expert sales and installation staff will make sure you get the best garage door for your needs and installed right. You can get a garage door installed in almost any type of material you can think of. Popular materials used for garage doors include aluminium, fiberglass, wood, and steel but is not limited to just those materials. Although each material has pros and cons, the favored material is usually wood and steel.

Wood vs Steel

Wood garage doors have a very elegant and attractive appearance so many people seek this type of garage door but wood is prone to warping and cracking under the different elements resulting in high maintenance costs.

Steel garage doors are the most rugged and durable; this type of door may not look as good as a nice wood one but nowadays to look very close to a wood door while being a much more sturdy choice allowing for less maintenance and easier install.

Energy Efficient Clopay Garage door