Single/Double Hung Windows London Ontario

Single Hung

Single hung windows have two window sashes, one can move freely and the other one is fixed. Simply slide the bottom sash upwards. We can professionally install these with a Constance Force balancing system which allows the moving sash to stay open in any position you would like.

Single-hung windows come in either a new construction or a replacement window style. The main advantages of having a fixed window sash is that this will limit air encroachment, due to the fact that there are very few seams that must be closed off by a proper window seal. Window seals can dry and harden which can create unwanted cracks which allow for heating loss. As well fixed windows may be a cheaper alternative than a double-hung window or a casement window mostly because of less mechanical parts.

Single Hung Windows

Double Hung

Double Hung windows are the most popular style of windows that we install. These windows consists of two free moving window sashes or panes.

Some of our clients chose double hung windows to be installed due to the fact that they can be extremely efficient at obstructing air from leaving or entering into your home. Also, due to popularity, window manufacturers tend to price double-hung windows very competitively.

Double Hung Windows

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